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Quality Management

We strive to provide the advanced and superior products to our clients and seeking for excellence is our constant policy. For this purpose we establish close cooperation and exchange relationships with over ten foreign and domestic universities and sealing-materials research institutes.

Our technical center integrally engages in product development, engineering design, information management, and analysis and test and about 50 experts in sealing-materials field in this center develop many patented technologies and know-how of intellectual property. Our renew engineering is financed by Middle- and Small-Scale Enterprise Renew Funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, we have successively implemented seven state-level scientific and technological projects, and established our own postdoctoral workstation ,which are the primary power to promote our ceaseless high-speed development.

We establish and execute the perfect quality management system and were qualified in the conformity of ISO 9001 international quality system made by Shanghai Audit Center of Quality System and USA ANSI.RAB Audit Center.

Besides our series products were qualified in the Manufacture License of special Equipment of the People' s Republic of china, made by State Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Administration.


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