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Mainly made of NR, NBR, SR, FKM or EPDM through formulation optimizing, mixing, sheeting, forming, and vulcanizing.
Supply range: Various "O" ring, oil seals, frame structure oil seals and shaped pieces and so on.
Applicable for dynamic and static sealing under temperature up to 250℃.


Ordinary rubber sheet / gaskets are widely used. Generally, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, and recycled rubber are used alone or in combination, and functional additives are added.

Mainly used for water under general temperature and pressure, but also suitable for hot water, alcohol, inorganic acid (low concentration), and alkaline media.



NBR has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, and excellent heat resistance. It can resist alkali and weak acids, and has better heat aging resistance than natural rubber.

It is suitable for various seals of lubricating system and the operation of oil and gas parallel pumps. It can be used for oil seals in deep wells. In the seals of various pumps, it can be used for the manufacture of seals for nuclear power plants.

Has good aging resistance, suitable for gasoline and other light oil, alcohol, water, low-concentration inorganic acids, alkaline media.



The temperature range of the silicone rubber industry can be from -100 ° C to 350 ° C. Excellent resistance to heat and oxygen aging, ozone aging, light aging and weather aging, high permeability and gas penetration selectivity, good insulation, electrical resistance and arc resistance; Silicone rubber has low surface energy, low hygroscopicity, can play a role in isolation, special silicone rubber also has radiation resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and other properties, suitable for alcohol, alkali media; Silicone rubber is non-toxic, tasteless, widely used in sealing.



Fluoro rubber has excellent high temperature resistance, can be used at 200-250℃ for a long time, at 300℃ for a short time, fluoro rubber has excellent vacuum resistance, resistance to strong acid, high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and strong oxidant, resistance to a variety of organic solvents and a variety of oils. Resistant to hot water and steam, weather aging and ozone aging, with low permeability, resistance to electricity and other doses of radiation, flame retardant.

Suitable for mediums such as gasoline, light oil, benzene, toluene, alcohol, water, high-concentration inorganic acids.



EPDM rubber has excellent weathering resistance and ozone ageing resistance. It has no crack at 2430h when the ozone concentration is 100X10-3. The heat resistance is also very good. It can be used for a long time in an environment of 100 ° C and short-term at 150 ° C. Steam resistance, hot water resistance, ethylene-propylene rubber is resistant to alcohols, acids, strong bases, oxidants, detergents, animal and vegetable oils, ketones and phosphate esters, but not to aromatic and olefin solvents .

It can be made into a variety of chemically resistant products and various types of seals.

Suitable for alcohol, ketone, ethyl acetate, water, inorganic acid (except high concentration), and alkaline media.

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