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Non-asbestos sheet (gaskets)
Made of non-asbestos mineral fibers, synthetic fibers, rubber (or latex) and additives through pressing and curing, and suitable for making various gaskets for connection seals of pipelines and equipment in fluid medium under temperature up to 400℃ and pressure up to 10MPa.

CPS 5220 Non-asbestos fiber rubber compressed sheet/gasket

CPS 5220 Non-asbestos sheet gasket, it rolls and vulcanizes the materials of the high temperature resistant synthetic fibers, mineral fibers, special rubber and inorganic fillers.

Temperature: ≤ 250℃

Pressure: 6.4 MPa

Widely used in public works (gas and water), chemical plants, steel mills, oil refineries, power plants, plumbing and mechanical manufacturing


Material characteristic:

  1. Excellent recovery and compressibility

  2. Have the performance of moisture resistance and fluid resistance

  3. Easy to cut

  4. A wide range of medium resistance

  5. Approvals: DNV、ABS、CCS、API607


CPS 5230 High temperature type asbestos-free gasket

CPS 5230 High-performance special fiber reinforced graphite rubber composite material, regarding flexible graphite as filling material, then passing through a special process. It is non-asbestos absolutely. So it is a generation of revolutionary gasket material.

Temperature: ≤ 350

Pressure: ≤ 6.4 MPa 

Widely used in the sealing device in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, thermoelectric, instruments and meters, automobile industry and other industry. In addition to, it can replace asbestos rubber materials.

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