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Oxygen stem combination packing
product overview: Oxygen stem combination packing Oxygen valve is a high level of safety requirements of the valve, because oxygen is an accelerant, so in the valve opening or closing process can cause valve combustion or even explosion and other serious accidents, especially the valve stem sealing packing as the oxygen valve opening and closing of the key action parts, its sealing and reliability is particularly important. CPS9905 is a kind of sealing packing specially designed and manufactured for oxygen valve.

Product featuresHigh

High purity graphite as the base material, meet the stringent requirements of pure oxygen medium

The whole process, the whole material degreasing treatment

The leakage rate meets AP1622 discharge requirements

End ring and seal ring materials are BAM oxygen tested

Dust-free clean environment production


Suitable conditions  

Valve type: globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, regulating valve and other types of oxygen valves  

Temperature range: -183~450 degrees Celsius  

Applicable pressure :150LB~2500LB  

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